Inauguration of Centennial Building and Opening of Exhibits

February  20, 2012           9:15 AM               Inauguration of Centennial Building

Witness the unveiling of the newly constructed Centennial Building, a structure built in the Main Campus as remembrance to the strong 100 years of the institution that carried the values of Diligence, Sincerity, Loyalty and Courage high in her torches. Highlighting the modern building will be its very wide auditorium in the topmost floor.

Be amazed.  Showcasing the talents of pupils and students in their respective subject field, this exhibit to be held in the Main Campus will feature the creativity and resourcefulness Huasiong’s students are widely known for. Projects and schoolwork they can brilliantly come up with while achieving numerous awards and medals in academic and extracurricular competitions is a consistent pride of this institution.  Spelling out excellence in all fields, Huasiong is indeed par excellence.