School Backpack Outreach Program at Carles, Iloilo

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Hua Siong Alumni Association of Metro Manila under new elected President Joseph Solis lead the school backpack outreach program for two elementary school Guintigan and Barosbos Elementary School in Carles , Iloilo City.

The benefiaciary was chosen because the history of our Alma Mater Hua Siong was once razed down by fire in 1960's leaving almost nothing for school to pick up and move on.  A group of Filipino Chinese businessmen in the fishing industry from Gigantes Island of Carles Town and Masbate were the first one to respond to our tragedy . They sent out financial aid to rebuild our school. That is why our school has one building named after "FISHERMANS BUILDING".

As recognition of the generosity of the alumni from Carles and Gigantes Island our association continue of lending a helping hand to the children who are in need. In this small way we make it easier for the school to carry out its noble tradition of education.